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hand made, upcycled, repurposed, unique

Hand made gifts for yourself or someone else special. One-off or small batches made using vintage or upcycled materials. I create pattern by hand - Shibori resist dyeing, ecoprinting or stitching. I try not to waste fabric  so finished sizes can be a bit quirky. I make up pieces using a 1960s hand-cranked sewing machine.

I really hope you will want to buy from my website but it isn't set up for in-site purchasing just yet. 

To purchase, please email, quoting the code which is at the end of the product description.

I will reply with a PayPal link for payment.

Prices include UK postage. For shipping abroad, postage at cost will be added to your PayPal invoice.

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Newly Added Products


Waxed fabric food wraps

Ditch the plastic and use these eco-friendly re-useable wraps to cover bowls, wrap foods etc for storage or picnics.

Available in original beeswax or vegan-friendly soy wax, both versions have a small percentage of coconut oil added for extra flexibility. Natural ingredients and 100% cotton cloth allow your food to breathe so it stays fresh longer. The warmth of your hands moulds the wraps giving a snug seal.

The wraps can be re-used many times, just wash in cold water with a little soap after each use, and re-pasteurise in the oven every few weeks.. Once you have used your wrap to the max you can compost it as it is completely biodegradeable.

Made by hand in Oban using upcycled fabrics.

One large wrap (approx 34 cm square), one medium wrap (approx 26 cm square) and two small wraps (approx 18cm square)
Price: £16 per set including UK postage
Remember to state Beeswax or Vegan-friendly when ordering.
Currently only one fabric design available.


Ecoprint wall hangings / table runners

I've only just made these - a really small batch, so snap them up before they disappear!

Gorgeous autumnal leaves directly ecoprinted onto upcylced heavy linen fabric. I liked these prints too much to cut them up, so I have simply lined each one with upcycled pure cotton fabric. I've made a channel at each end so you can insert a hanging rod, to use it as a wall hanging, but they look equally fabulous as table runners.

Wall hanging or table runner



Featuring mixed leaves including grape, paeony, acer, rose and black elder; all from my garden.
135 x 25 cm
Code: EH1

Wall hanging or table runner



Mixed leaves from my garden: grape, black elder, rose and black elder ecoprinted directly on to heavy linen fabric in muted autumn shades.
135 x 24 cm
Code: EH2

Wall hanging or table runner



Black elder, grape and acer leaves from my garden ecoprinted in shades of green and grey on a warm beige background.
144 x 22 cm
Code EH3


Shibori silk scarf

£45  SOLD

purePongee silk, Shibori pattern, hand dyed in a natural indigo vat. 40 x 150cm
code SS1


Ecoprint zipped bag

£23   SOLD

Vintage linen ecoprinted with mixed leaves, lined in  vintage cream cotton with rosebud print. 23 x14 x8 cm  code: ZPE5

Ecoprint storage basket


Great for storing all sorts of things!
Vintage linen, ecoprinted with leaves on a naturally-dyed purple background. Lined with blue cotton fabric. 26 x 13 x 12 cm  code: SBE2


Shibori zipped bag


Vintage linen shibori pattern hand dyed in a natural indigo vat. Lined with repurposed blue and white cotton. Inner pocket. 23 x 13 x 7 cm. code: ZPS1

Shibori Notebook Cover


Use as a special journal or enhance your everyday notes and plans! Ecoprinted vintage linen cover embellished with hand stitching, containing an A5 recycled notebook (160 pages of 60gsm paper). Cover can be refilled with a new notebook when you have filled this one. Code: NEE1


Ecoprint storage basket


Whatever you store in here it will look great! Vintage linen, ecoprinted with leaves on a light grey/beige background. Lined with blue cotton. 26 x 15 x 12cm. Code: SBE1

Shibori bandana


Cool bandana can also be used (doubled) as a face covering. Shibori patterned 100% cotton triangle. 90cm wide, 40cm to point. Code BS1


Travel mug cosy


Keep your drink hot and your fingers cool with this hand knitted cosy that slips on to your travel mug. 100% Icelandic wool in green and grey stripes. Code: MC1

Ecoprint silk scarf


Extra long scarf in luxurious Habotai silk ecoprinted with leaves and petals on a creamy light golden background. 28 x 196 cm. Code: SE4


Shibori zipped pouch


A handy pouch for all your bits and bobs. Vintage linen pleated and clamped before being dyed in natural indigo. Vintage rosebud print cotton lining. 23 x 14 x 7cm. Code ZPS3

Ecoprint silk scarf

£45  SOLD

Gorgeous  ecoprinted scarf with moody purple and green tulip petals on olive background 100% pongee silk. 40 x 150 cm Code SE1


Shibori storage basket


Big enough to stash ...lots! Vintage linen with natural indigo Shibori pattern. Lined with sturdy red and blue striped rep fabric. 26 x 20 x 10cm. Code: SBS3

Simply Useful Bags

Large £4.50
Medium £3.25
Small £2.75

Simple drawstring cotton bags in three sizes and an assortment of prints. Useful as re-useable gift wrap, storage, travel organisers, for loose fruit and veg. and so much more. Code: SUBL (large), SUBM (medium), SUBS (small) and give your colour preference.


Felted table mat


Get the hygge Scandi vibe! Hand crocheted and felted mat to protect your surfaces from heat or scratches. 100% British wool. Diameter 21cm approx. 
Code: FM2

Simply Useful Bags

Large £4.50
Medium £3.25
Small £2.75

Simple drawstring cotton bags in three sizes and an assortment of prints. Useful as re-useable gift wrap, storage, travel organisers, for loose fruit and veg. and so much more. Code: SUBL (large), SUBM (medium), SUBS (small) and give your colour preference.


Fish Leather buttons

Medium (20mm) £6 for 4
Small (16mm) £7.25 for 5

Jazz up an outfit with unusual buttons covered in Icelandic Fish Leather, tanned in Saudarkrokur. Colours: natural, navy blue, duck egg or white. Hand wash only. Code: BFM (medium) and BFS (small) and give your colour preference.


Original Ecoprints and Cards

I have created these original prints and cards in an entirely handmade process where the colour pigments from plants are direct-contact printed straight from the leaf or flower onto paper or fabric, transferring texture and detail as well as colour. Each print is individually created and no two are the same. Each small batch of prints or cards takes about 4 days to make.

They are hand made in Oban using leaves from my own garden or responsibly foraged on my local walks.

Eco-printed on high quality paper stock.


Original ecoprints

Individual Ecoprints (18 x 16 cm) are presented in archival quality mounts (22.5 x 17.5 cm), but not glued so you can change the mount if you wish.  Swipe along the gallery and hover over the image to see the code for each print. 

£7.15 inc. UK postage.


Original Ecoprint Cards

Cards (14 x 14.5cm) have a plain white 100% recycled paper insert for your message, and are presented with a recycled Kraft paper envelope, in a compostable cellophane sleeve.

Every card is unique, the images show the typical range. Your card(s) will be randomly selected.

1 card £4.25     3 cards £10.50 inc. UK postage.