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Maisie's Emporium Products

hand made, upcycled, repurposed, unique

Hand made gifts for yourself or someone else special. One-off or small batches made using vintage or upcycled materials. I create pattern by hand - Shibori resist dyeing, ecoprinting or stitching. I try not to waste fabric  so finished sizes can be a bit quirky. I make up pieces using a 1960s hand-cranked sewing machine.

I really hope you will want to buy from my website but it isn't set up for in-site purchasing just yet. 

To purchase, please email, quoting the code which is at the end of the product description.

I will reply to confirm availability and give payment details.

Prices include UK postage. For shipping abroad, postage at cost will be added to your invoice.

Follow @maisiesemporium on Instagram to hear about new products.

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New Products coming soon!

I have some gorgeous fabrics which I ecoprinted just before going off to Iceland for two months as Artist-in-Residence. Now I need to get out my vintage hand-cranked sewing machine. Purses, bags and refillable notebook covers will be landing here soon! Let me know if you have any special requests.

In the meantime, I still have some lovely ecoprinted silk scarves and a selection of greetings cards made from original ecoprints on paper - scroll down to see examples.

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Spring leaves Ecoprinted scarves

Luxurious scarves individually ecoprinted. My technique transfers pigments directly from leaves onto the fabric. Spring leaves give subtle prints in delicate shades surrounded by a naturally-dyed border.

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Spring leaves ecoprint scarf


Printed with leaves including black elder, photinia, fern and rose.
natural purple border dyed with logwood
100% silk, 40 x 150cm
Code: SGL3

Spring leaves ecoprint scarf


Printed with  Japanese Maple leaves and Hellebore flowers.
natural dusky pink border dyed with avocado
100% silk, 40 x 150cm
Code: SGA2

Spring leaves ecoprint scarf


Printed with elegant sedge tassels, photinia, rose and fern leaves

natural purple border dyed with logwood

100% silk, 40 x 150cm

Code: SGL2

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Eco Indigo silk chiffon.jpg
Eco natural silk.jpg
Eco Indigo crepe.jpg

Ecoprint + indigo silk chiffon scarf


Natural indigo has shifted the ecoprinted pigments to copper and orange shades, while tinting the background a summery turquoise.
100% silk, 26 x 195cm
Code: EIn1

Natural ecoprint silk scarf


natural shades of ecoprinted geranium leaves on a light cream background
Extra long scarf
100% silk 26 x 196cm
Code: ENS 2

Ecoprint + Indigo crepe scarf


Vintage crepe ecoprinted with tulip petals and small leaves then overdyed with natural indigo, this is an unrepeatable one-off scarf. 
Probably silk but as it is vintage fabric I can't guarantee fibre composition.
38 x 125cm
Code: EIcrepe

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Ecoprint wall hangings / table runners

Only one PLACEMAT left!

Similar style to runners pictured below.

approx. 55cm x 24cm

Heavy vintage linen, lined with cotton sateen.

Price: £18 inc. UK postage

Gorgeous autumnal leaves directly ecoprinted onto upcylced heavy linen fabric. I liked these prints too much to cut them up, so I have simply lined each one with upcycled pure cotton fabric.

Wall hanging or table runner



Featuring mixed leaves including grape, paeony, acer, rose and black elder; all from my garden.
135 x 25 cm
Code: EH1

Wall hanging or table runner



Mixed leaves from my garden: grape, black elder, rose and black elder ecoprinted directly on to heavy linen fabric in muted autumn shades.
135 x 24 cm
Code: EH2

Wall hanging or table runner



Black elder, grape and acer leaves from my garden ecoprinted in shades of green and grey on a warm beige background.
144 x 22 cm
Code EH3

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Original Ecoprints and Cards

I have created these original prints and cards in an entirely handmade process where the colour pigments from plants are direct-contact printed straight from the leaf or flower onto paper or fabric, transferring texture and detail as well as colour. Each print is individually created and no two are the same. Each small batch of prints or cards takes about 4 days to make.

They are hand made in Oban using leaves from my own garden or responsibly foraged on my local walks.

Eco-printed on high quality paper stock.

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Original ecoprints

Individual Ecoprints (18 x 16 cm) are presented in archival quality mounts (22.5 x 17.5 cm), but not glued so you can change the mount if you wish.  Swipe along the gallery and hover over the image to see the code for each print. 

£7.15 inc. UK postage.

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Original Ecoprint Cards

Cards (14 x 14.5cm) have a plain white 100% recycled paper insert for your message, and are presented with a recycled Kraft paper envelope, in a compostable cellophane sleeve.

Every card is unique, the images show the typical range. Your card(s) will be randomly selected.

1 card £4.25     3 cards £10.50 inc. UK postage.

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